Custom Pick-Up 4x4

This is my new Moc, a Custom 4x4 Pick-up, it isn't inspired by any real model, although it reminds me of some, but I don't know which one!

I started some time ago to build a 4x4 where I used 2 RC Motors. To obtain good performance, I built it as a rc car ..... a chassis with a removable light silhouette that was mounted above it. It worked well, but I had some problems of interference in the system rc, and I was not able to make a good video without seeing an idiot running behind it at one meter away.
So, waiting to buy two Lipo batteries, I decided to convert it to PF system (XL motors) and add some detail, since the first version was very simple to save some weight.

So this is the result:

It 'a 4x4 RC custom Pick up with three differentials and full independent suspensions.
It has openable gull-wing doors via manual controls in the trunk, that's openable too, even the bonnet is openable with slowed opening.
Under the bonnet, there is a fake working V8 engine with compressor on the top, some minor engine compartment details, like the battery or the radiator cap, and the complete exhaust lines. Even the interiors have a dashboard, pedals, gearbox command....

It uses a servo motor for steering and 2XL motors for drive.

Lenght : 56 studs (44.8 cm)

Width: 27 studs (21.6 cm)

Height: 25 studs (20 cm)

Weight: 2,1 Kg